Chef Axle's Original Paradis

Chef Axle's newest Creation


Coming Soon! 

in the test kitchen

chef axle's gourmet

Chef Axle   is creating an exquisite lobster dish,

Succulent Maine Lobster is prepared with a luscious cream sauce served in a buttery flakey puff pastry, ready for Chef Axle's signature freezer to table preparation.

We are looking for the perfect name for this dish, your suggestions are welcomed here

Gourmet SOPHISTICATED Meatloaves


The flavor combinations you would find in a gourmet meal, all rolled up into the one pan creation we call meatloaf.  With freezer to table preparation, top with our specially paired sauces, toss a quick salad and enjoy a simple to prepare delicious meal.

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Gourmet World burgers


Hand-Crafted Gourmet burgers like you have never tasted before. Freezer to Grill to Table Preparation, all the ingredients are IN the burger.  Serve on a bun, alongside or atop a quick tossed salad or just as it is, all the flavors are incorporated into the burger for your dining pleasure.

We carefully combine all of your favorite flavors, using the freshest and finest ingredients available, into the Perfect Bite !